Places you shouldn't travel alone

Places you shouldn't travel alone

It's not just about safety. Knowledgeable guides and good company are more crucial in some places than others
Once you see '127 Hours,' you won't come out here by yourself.

Ah, group tours.

Busloads of be-visored, fanny-packed, wide-eyed tourists with curiously staggered needs for bathroom breaks.

But not all group travel is embarrassing. In some destinations, it's crucial. So says a story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, anyway.

The AJC lists eight places where travelers shouldn’t go it alone, and provides information about tour offerings.

It’s not purely about safety concerns, although the article touches on danger zones in Kenya, Jordan and Egypt.

Sometimes the reasons have to do with negotiating complicated bureaucracy or having local knowledge of common travel scams. 

Travelers in Russia, for example, can’t get visas without an “invitation” from a hotel or tour company, while visitors to China should watch out for counterfeit currency, warns the Journal. 

Other times, it's about having access to local knowledge. In the Galapagos, touring the islands without a guide identifying rare species and dispensing the story of the area just wouldn't be worth it. 

8 places you shouldn’t travel alone

Machu Picchu, Peru

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What are your thoughts about these destinations? Do you prefer group travel or solo travel? Share your thoughts below. 

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