Several U.S. carriers take action over security concerns, with one citing a rocket attack near Tel Aviv
China airports disruptions
Travelers to and from eastern China were likely disappointed Monday, though official reasons for the cancellations have been muted
Best burger app
The 'Burgerator' app, launched in New York, has expanded to London
Life in Joburg can be stressful. Luckily there are some exceedingly non-stressful places close by
Italy prison islands
Pristine beaches, unspoiled nature and few tourists -- a stretch on these former penal colonies is no longer a punishment
CNN's Ivan Watson pays homage to the city he's called home for the past 12 years
Daily Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur services to continue, though airline says MH17 flight number to be retired
Humpback whale
Several humpback whales play and feed in Monterrey Bay, California, giving boaters a show
Israel-Palestine conflict
Violence in the Middle East has some tourists fearing their personal safety could be threatened by traveling to Israel and surrounding areas
Iran tourism
After decades of staying away, travelers are now heading to Iran in larger numbers
Arctic surfing
In what is undoubtedly the world's "coolest" surf video, photographer Chris Burkhard endures freezing temperatures, blizzards and injury to capture Arctic waves and their riders
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