Indian, African, French and Chinese influences blend to make African island an attractive cultural destination. That and the great beaches
Tough economic times have inspired the county's travel industry to try creative new ways to attract visitors
North Korea's summer camp
Hundreds of kids from around the world attend the North Korean beachside summer camp
Airbus A350XWB
CNN's Dean Irvine joins a strangely quiet test flight from Hong Kong to Singapore
Savvy hotel developers are converting century-old heritage buildings into luxury accommodations
Stowaway found in U.S. Air Force plane
An adolescent male was found in the wheel well of a U.S. Air Force plane that traveled around Africa before returning to Germany
Mauritshuis museum in the Hague
Some people see The Hague as Amsterdam's more sedate cousin. Fact is, it's a peaceful diversion from the nonstop energy of Amsterdam
In the Middle East, animals in malls are not uncommon. Giant squid, crocodiles and lions are all on show for shoppers
Does travel tech have a place in a city that hasn’t changed much since the 15th century?
Beautiful sunset
Sydney residents enjoyed a stunning sunset Monday night, as thousands of social media posts prove
Genalguacil offers artists free board and lodging in return for pieces of their work
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