'Friends' cafe in China
One man loves the TV show so much he opened his own Central Perk in Beijing
airplane food
Can't get enough airline food? Now German company Air Food One will deliver it to your door
CNN iReporters from all over the country share their beautiful autumn images
leap off China's tallest bridge
BASE jumpers from 16 countries jumped from China's tallest bridge in the annual BASE jump challenge
Whether you're looking for a post-meeting pint or a wild night out, creativity is on the menu at these hot Hong Kong venues
World Nomad Games
Ancient competitions held and yurt town set up to rejuvenate nomadic cultures
Playful sea lions, fearless boobies and the only ocean-going lizards in the world -- these islands offer amazing experiences for naturalists and tourists alike
On a vast South American plateau, magic still holds sway over the Aymara people
Whether or not it remains part of the United Kingdom, England's northern neighbor has a flavor all its own
Aussie lodged complaint after network insisted he pay up for calls made to Somalia
Myanmar Lethwei Boxing
Hidden from the rest of the world for decades, Myanmar's Lethwei boxing is experiencing a revival globally
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Singapore Airlines
From a three-room apartment to a Michelin-starred meal, many airlines are offering services you won't even get in some top hotels