The Universal Exposition, better known as Expo 2015, kicks off in Milan on May 1 with a selection of food-themed buildings
Ecuador fun facts
What? The middle of the world isn't quite the equator and it's OK to pay to have your kids beaten with stinging nettles
Bhaktapur temples suffer severe quake damage
CNN's Ivan Watson explores the destruction of historic temples in Bhaktapur, Nepal
Jane Goodall
In an interview with the Huffington Post, Goodall says whales and dolphins should never be held in captivity
Japan’s bitterest feud: Kansai vs. Kanto
Japan may seem homogeneous, but the country’s eastern (Tokyo) and western (Osaka) regions can be worlds apart
3.69-carat diamond Arkansas park
When fields get plowed, diamonds don't usually pop up -- unless you're at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas
Anthony Bourdain Korea
A hideously hungover Bourdain tries to retrace his drunken steps in the latest "Parts Unknown" episode
Madrid Fusion Manila 2015
The most insightful food talks, a new "foie gras" for $3/kg, and all food-related gala packed in the first Madrid Fusion Manila
Nepal earthquake
Several of the country's best known treasures have been destroyed by the earthquake of April 25
South Korea most beautiful places
In South Korea there are places where travel photographers fall in love, and go back to again and again
Tourists visiting national park are treading on one of the planet's greatest time bombs
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