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Tipping in United States
Doling out gratuities can be a minefield. Here's your free guide to keeping everyone happy (service charge not included)


Asia's 50 best restaurants 2015
Victory for Indian chef's eatery in Bangkok marks second year of success for Thai capital in San Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best Restaurant Awards


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From monkish plague disinfectants to royal perfumes, this Florence, Italy institution reeks of history
From the 'King of Cheese' to the world's finest balsamic vinegar, many of Italy's gourmet greats were born here
Kicked off for offensive shirt
A New York college student was reportedly booted from a Southwest flight for wearing an offensive shirt
Its gleaming architecture may be reaching for the sky, but Shanghai's cuisine doesn't get better than at street level
The plan includes a road that would connect Russia's eastern border with the U.S. state of Alaska, while linking with existing roads in Western Europe and Asia
Uninhibited art fans will soon have a chance to take part in the National Gallery of Australia's first ever naked art tour
Fliers arriving at Sweden's two biggest airports can now kill time while waiting for their luggage by playing video game classics -- all in the name of charity
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Tour companies are rushing to meet the increased demand from Americans who want to visit Cuba