Wine, food, churches, festivals -- France's second city has a sophistication that can elevate it above even the capital
easyjet hosts live Shakespeare performance
Lucky or unlucky? In honor of the Bard's birthday, passengers on an easyJet flight were treated to a comedic performance of Shakespeare's complete works
In the time it takes you to skim this piece, you could travel 95 stories on the world's new fastest elevator
London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2
The dust sheets have been yanked off a gleaming new terminal, revealing what its chief architect calls a "cathedral for the 21st century"
Obama at sushi restaurant Tokyo
President Obama joins Prime Minister Abe for dinner at the best sushi restaurant in the world
Goliath Six Flags
U.S. coasters are going for petrifying new records in 2014, including highest, fastest
The oxygen deprived, below-freezing conditions of an aircraft wheel well mean only 24% of stowaways survive. Here are some that beat the odds
Just days away from the start of the season, expeditions are unsure if climbs will go ahead
A 16-year-old appears to have flown from California to Maui in wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767
After seven misisons and half the targeted area scanned, no signs of the Malaysia Airlines jet
Magic tricks, casinos, mock Elvises, sure -- but there's a whole lot more to this city in the desert
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