Plane makes seven flights with dead man onboard

Plane makes seven flights with dead man onboard

A Georgian man froze to death while attempting to stow away in the plane’s landing gear
The body was found in the landing gear of an iFly plane.

The body of a man found in the wheel well of an A330 iFly plane in Moscow last week has been identified as that of Georgian national Giorgio Abduladze.

The plane had been flying from Rimini, Italy to Vnukovo Internaitonal Airport, where maintenance workers discovered the corpse after noticing bloodstains on the plane’s landing gear, according to

Initial investigation results suggest the body had been in the wheel well for four days, during which the plane made seven flights.

Russia Today revealed the man as 22-year-old Giorgio Abduladze, who had been carrying Georgian identity documents at the time.

“Apparently the man died from exposure to cold. We suspect he was a stowaway,” a spokesperson from the Moscow branch of the Russian Investigation Committee’s transport department said.

It is still not known when and where exactly the man boarded the plane, but Claudio Fiume, general director of Rimini Federico Fellini Airport, ruled out any possibility it may have been in Italy.

“Only licensed staff members can access the wheel well of a plane,” Fiume explained. “We have no such staff members at Rimini Airport and no technical inspections were carried out.”

Last year a man found dead on a street in west London was suspected of falling from a plane bound for Heathrow from Angola.

With minimal oxygen and temperatures falling to below -50C at high altitude, these “passengers” have little chance of surviving their journeys.

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