Could it be magic? Street performer gets busy with the iPad

Could it be magic? Street performer gets busy with the iPad

Tokyo celebrates iPad Day with a spot of open-air conjuring

iPad magic baby, iPad magic. Sure, half the world at last got to play with Apple’s iPad on Friday, but how many official launches were marked by a rather bashful-looking conjurer performing street magic with the big ole hunk of metal and glass itself? None, that's how many. 

But unofficially, some Tokyoites did get to enjoy ‘SalaryMagican’ Shinya Uchida taking his act to the sidewalk outside the Apple store in Ginza this weekend.

Using an iPad-formatted movie dreamed up by a friend, some serious sleight of hand and props-aplenty, including the compulsory white dove, Uchida takes YouTube viewers through a brief history of communication in two minutes 45 seconds. 

Although he clearly drew inspiration from ‘High-tech Magician’ Marco Tempest, Uchida brings a fun Japanese angle to the combination of gadgets and prestidigitation.

We particularly like the way he folds in a bit of old-school cutlery bending near the end. After all, it’s not 1970, so who needs Uri Geller? It’s all in Japanese and the staggeringly bad choice of location means the traffic noise obscures a lot of it, but Uchida has kindly supplied us with English subtitles. The part about “not waiting for your cheese” is worth the entrance fee alone.

And, that English YouTube video we’ve dug up isn't getting much traffic yet, but just keep an eye on the Japanese version – 299,000 clicks and counting.

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