In pictures: 10,000 angry fliers clash with police

In pictures: 10,000 angry fliers clash with police

Chaos, anger and violence as flights are grounded at China's Changshui International Airport
Passengers at Kunming Changshui Airport were infuriated as their flights were delayed for more than two days.

Around 10,000 furious air passengers clashed with police and airport officials last week as hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed for days at Kunming Changshui International Airport in southwest China. 

Photos have since emerged of chaotic scenes showing passengers, police and airport staff scuffling as a result of the delays, themselves the result of heavy fog in the area.

Changshui Airport had to cancel 434 flights last Thursday, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The chaos intensified as delays increased and fliers grew angry the following day when, despite the fog lifting, communications from the airport were poor and flight information displays were not updated, as reported by Jinghua Times (Chinese only), a state newspaper.

Thick fog on Thursday reduced visibility to 300 meters, grounding hundreds of flights at Kunming Changshui International Airport in southwest China.

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Service desks were damaged by passengers as some attempted to check flight information themselves, said another report on Xinhua (Chinese only).

"Most travelers have waited for a very long time," passenger Lu Zhi-ming told Jinghua Times. "Without water and food, the travelers are screaming, shouting, crying in there. There is litter everywhere and everyone is infuriated."

Opened six months ago, Changshui Airport has been considered the leading airport in the region. Flights returned to normal on Saturday.

It's not the first time Chinese passengers have taken extreme measures after air travel delays.

Last year, Jetstar crew on a flight from Beijing to Shanghai were held hostage by vexed passengers after a six-hour delay due to bad weather.

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china airport angerSome passengers took the self-check-in option a bit too literally, pulling up flight information from service desks themselves.

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