Chicest travelers' gift idea: Luxe's Chinese New Year box set

Chicest travelers' gift idea: Luxe's Chinese New Year box set

Doing away with the need for Google on your smartphone
Luxe City Guides have sold over one million copies since its first Bangkok Edition over a decade ago.

Red velvet cover, Chinese zodiac symbols -- dragon and snake -- and a Chinese seal for longevity on the back, Luxe City Guides' Chinese New Year box set cannot be more Chinese-esque.

Hong Kong-based Luxe City Guides has launched an 'Asian Grand Tour Box' to usher in the upcoming Year of the Snake.

The box features eight of their pocket-size guides to these Asian destinations -- Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.

Since its launch a decade ago, Luxe City Guides have proved extremely popular, selling over one million copies, with travelers liking the short, snappy, no-frills take on destinations or even their home town. 

Without illustrations and maps, the guides only include hand-picked hotels and restaurants as well as sightseeing and shopping suggestions.

The company covers over 30 destinations currently.

Asian Grand Tour Box is available online for US$75.

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