Can you guess which keywords drive most Internet travel searches?

Can you guess which keywords drive most Internet travel searches?

A UK marketing report identifies the words and airlines most travelers use when researching travel
How cheap will that honeymoon be?

Stop the presses! Or the servers. Or whatever.

A new study out of the UK reveals that half of all online travel searches are driven by just 13 words -- and that of those, the keywords “cheap” and “discount” dominate the field.

Can’t say we’re stunned by the news that travelers want bargains.

But there are other interesting findings in the report from digital marketing firm Stickyeyes, which was presented in November as part of the UK Online Travel & Tourism Intelligence Report at the Travolution Summit in London. The report focuses on top search terms for holidays, flights, hotels and other travel categories.

“Forty-six percent of top keywords contain ‘discount’ or ‘cheap,’” said Stickyeyes chief commercial officer Glen Conybeare, summarizing the report.

In Britain, Ryanair is the top airline for travel searches, with a seven percent overall click share.

“British Airways (BA) was the only airline in the top 10 for paid search, but it was twentieth in natural search,” said Conybeare. “That is at the foot of the second page and no one scrolls that far.”

The report also looks at brand performance in social media, judging “reach” and “engagement” with users. Virgin Atlantic came in first in these categories. BA was first in social media volume, but seventh in engagement.

Among hotels, the report listed Lastminute and Late Rooms as equals atop the natural search category, with 44 percent of click share combined.

For a copy of the UK Online Travel & Tourism Intelligence Report, email Stickyeyes at


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