Barcelona officials: 'Space hotel' a concept far, far away

Barcelona officials: 'Space hotel' a concept far, far away

We’ll believe it when we see it, but we kind of want to see it

Giant ray gun or futuristic hotel? In terms of new architecture, some cities embrace the shiny, the bold, the outrageous.

Dubai, for instance, or Shanghai, or even Seoul these days.

One city, however, is turning up its nose at one in-your-face building.

Plans for a massive man-made island off the coast of Barcelona featuring a 2,000-suite “space hotel,” a covered marina, “zero-gravity” spa and 24-hour mall have been met with something less than enthusiasm from city officials. 

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Designed by Barcelona architect Erik Morvan and developed by U.S. company Mobilona, the newly announced project, called Barcelona Island, looks like something out of Star Trek, and promises to provide an “otherworldly experience for guests wishing to travel to distant galaxies.”

Wall and surface displays in the hotel's "immersive rooms" would show panoramic impressions of the universe, which guests would be able to turn off whenever they felt like taking in the real, earthly sea views outside their windows.

“Space training” -- experiencing weightlessness in a vertical wind tunnel -- would also be available. The plan is to operate the entire island with zero carbon emissions.

Rates for hotel suites are expected to range from €300 ($386) to approximately €1,500 ($1,925) while timeshares will start at €20,000 ($25,700) for annual one-week occupancy privileges.

On May 2, Mobilona announced investors had signed an agreement to manage the project, estimating the initial investment at €1.5 billion ($1.93 billion).  

Barcelona city officials, however, seemed unimpressed as the project went under review for planning permission.

A city spokesperson said the resort seemed designed for a city like Dubai rather than for the Catalonion capital, and “any plans to advance Barcelona should adjust and fit the model of the city,” according local news outlet La Vanguardia

According to the Telegraph, Spanish local news also reported that Barcelona’s mayor had a rather snobbish response, saying while the city will consider the proposal, it had “no need or desire to take on projects of this nature” as Barcelona was a “city of culture, knowledge, of creativity and of innovation.”

Mobilona also announced plans for similar space hotels in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

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