Suvarnabhumi International Airport: An architectural masterpiece?

Suvarnabhumi International Airport: An architectural masterpiece?

A U.S. airline pilot gives Bangkok’s main gateway a big thumbs up, saying nothing even comes close in Europe or the United States
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Suvarnabhumi International Airport might not be the world's best airport. But it sure is a looker, says U.S. pilot Patrick Smith.

Bangkok residents haven’t shown much love to Suvarnabhumi International Airport since it opened in 2006 to replace the aging Don Muang as the city’s main gateway. It's fought off numerous scandals relating to everything from the duty-free shops to taxi scams, never mind that there’s no free Wi-Fi. 

But on appearances alone, Suvarnabhumi is one of the world’s greatest airports, says one U.S. pilot who pens a column called "Ask the Pilot" for news and entertainment website

“Back in October I made my second visit to the new Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. It was just as I remembered it from my earlier visit in 2008 -- which is to say, magnificent,” says Patrick Smith in his column, posted this week.

“Suvarnabhumi might not have the amenities of Singapore's Changi or Seoul's Incheon airport, but its central terminal is the most visually spectacular airport building I have ever seen.”

Smith goes on to say Paul Goldberger, the Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic for the New Yorker, should do a series on airports, and that he "could find worse places to start than Bangkok."

"Nothing in the U.S. or Europe comes close, and by comparison our attempts are half-assed at best -- JetBlue's wildly overrated new building at JFK, for example.”

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