'Clothing optional' resort offers discount for Thai flood victims

'Clothing optional' resort offers discount for Thai flood victims

A new "naturist" hotel in Pattaya is doing its part to help the country in its time of need
Naturist Thailand Chan Resort
The pool and lounge area of Chan Resort, where guests are free to bare all.

Hotels all over Thailand are now offering discounts for Thais who have been affected by the ongoing floods and need to evacuate their homes. Among those that caught our eye is a new "naturist" resort in Pattaya, where clothing is optional. 

Rates at the resort range from 2,000 to 2,400 baht per night, but for flood victims, they've lowered it to 600 to 800 baht.

Good business, good publicity, or a genuine desire to play a part during a time of national crisis?

"We have to help our country get through this difficult time," says Chan Konaim, 62, owner of Chan Resort.  

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"At present, we do have flood victims staying with us. We are full, but if we have room we are not turning people away. Some guests have had to double up, but at least everyone had a place to sleep and eat."

Chan says since they opened in September, they've had approximately 60 to 80 guests, both Thai and international. And nearly all their guests have either skinny-dipped or sunned themselves around the pool.

"I built a naturist resort because I like the temperament and attitude of naturists, they don’t stay up all night drinking and partying," says Chan. 

"They are respectful of others, and are the friendliest and kindest people you could find. Also, they are great repeat customers. Naturist resorts have higher return customer rates of any type of resort, including golf and tennis resorts."

Nude does not mean lewd

Chan ResortA secluded beach favored by some nudists in Thailand. But no funny business or hanky-panky is allowed in public at the resort.

"We do not allow drunk, obnoxious or overt sexual behavior, nor are we a 'swinger' or 'lifestyles' hotel," says the resort's website. "We ask our guests to report to us any behavior that is questionable, or that makes them feel uncomfortable. We vigorously protect the safety of our guests, and violators will be asked to leave."

Public sex is also forbidden. 

"Nude does not mean lewd," the resort says.

To dodge Thailand's law against public nudity, guests must register at the hotel as if it were a club -- membership is free -- and then use the resort as a "private" place, which Chan insists is legal.

"Yes, in Thailand it is illegal to be nude in public. Chan Resort is a 'private resort' and that settles it. Once you register, you are a member of the resort for the time that you are registered," the website says.

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If you are not shy, you can be nude at the pool, in the lounge, and while going to and from your room.  But you will be requested to sit on a towel, sarong or other cloth if you are naked, for hygienic reasons.

"Men seem to worry about arousal, but it typically doesn't happen," the website says.

"If it does, simply go into the pool or lay face down on a towel until things subside -- actually it would be rude not to do this."

Chan Resort offers cable TV, air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi in every room, plus an outdoor swimming pool, spa pool, sundecks, restaurant and transportation. 

Chan Resort is located at 391/137 Moo 10, Soi Thappraya 15 Nongpure, Banglamung, Chonburi,