Gallery: Street fashion on Bangkok's Khao San Road

Gallery: Street fashion on Bangkok's Khao San Road

Travelers and locals in Thailand's famed backpacker hangout share their fashion inspiration

Nowhere in the world will you find a more varied group of people than Bangkok's famed Khao San Road.

Two decades ago, this strip was little more than a ragged mash-up of guesthouses, pubs and travel agencies geared towards international backpackers.  

Though that vibe still dominates Khao San, it's long since been gentrified. Today you'll find everything from an iStudio to Starbucks, along with higher priced boutique hotels. 

Fortunately, the outfits are just as eclectic as ever. Following up on a gallery we shot back in 2010, we hit the streets again to find out what's inspiring the Khao San crowd's fashion choices these days.   

Jeroa, 12, Netherlands: “Michael Jordan and hip-hop.”

Uncle Kom, 62, Thailand: “Heavy metal and a bit of reggae.”
Kim Ji, 28, South Korea: “Whatever is in my closet.”
Son Aram and Choi Yong, 27 and 29, South Korea: “Modern chic.”
Anna, 20, Poland: “My favourite brands are Topshop and Mango.”

Freddie, 19, England: “Primark and India.”
Jake, 44, Malaysia/Singapore/England: “My imagination.”

Amanda, 22, England: “My dad.”

Philip and Darragh, 23 and 20, Ireland: “Hall boys.”

Amy, 23, England: “High street fashion.”

Lauren and Ryan, 22 and 32, England: “Indie. We buy from second-hand clothes stores.”
Pascal and Mireille, 53 and 50, France: “Parisian French.”
Jeong Pueong, 29, South Korea: “Street style, especially American Apparel.”
Diane, 56, England/Australia: “What I like is what I like.”

Cattleya Jaruthavee is a freelance photographer and writer. She is particularly interested in socio-economic/political disparities in the world and has several ongoing projects.

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