Gallery: Lopburi’s annual monkey feast sparks a feeding frenzy

Gallery: Lopburi’s annual monkey feast sparks a feeding frenzy

As tradition dictates, the macaque-infested Thai town laid out thousands of kilos of treats for the hungry little creatures to devour

Lopburi's world-famous "monkey buffet" took place on Sunday, allowing hundreds of long-tailed macaques to gorge on over 4,000 kilograms of goodies.

The popular event takes place every year in Lopburi, 150 kilometers north of Bangkok. The town is famous for the small but feisty -- and sometimes downright vicious -- long-tailed macaques that live amongst its ancient temples. Every year on the last Sunday of November, these monkeys are offered a huge selection of fruits, vegetables and other treats like soda.

The Thai version of the Ramayana legend claims that Rama created the ancient city of Lopburi with the help of his friend Hanuman the Monkey King. Many of Lopburi’s residents consider the macaques descendants of Hanuman, hence this monkey feast is held in their honor -- and to promote tourism, of course, as thousands of people come to the town every year to check it out in person.

You can get to Lopburi by car, bus or train from Bangkok.

Here are a few highlights of this year's monkey buffet.

Monkey buffetNothing washes down a monkey food fest like a pre-packaged non-natural milk drink.


Monkey buffetThis monkey prefers something a bit more healthy.


monkey buffetDurian -- considered by many an acquired taste you either love or hate. And a smell you hate.


monkey buffetThe monkeys made short work of this tower of fruit at a Lopburi temple.


monkey buffetThis little guy face plants a watermelon. monkey buffetMy mom told me to eat everything that was put in front of me.


Monkey buffetMost of the feast features fruits and veggies, but the monkeys are given a few sugary indulgences like cans of soda. Not sure it is that good for the monkey teeth.


monkey buffetThough the monkeys are quick to indulge in the buffet, unfortunately most of them suffer from a severe lack of table manners.


monkey buffetMonkey statues dressed in fancy suits hold trays that will offer drinks and sweets to the monkeys.


monkey buffetDuring Lopburi's monkey buffet, the cheeky creatures are too busy eating to bother stealing the personal belongings of tourists.