Gallery: Chiang Mai's laidback street style

Gallery: Chiang Mai's laidback street style

Far from trend-conscious Bangkok, residents in Thailand's notoriously carefree north pose for the camera and share what it is they love about their city

Chiang Mai might be Thailand's "second city" but it's about as far from trend-conscious, shopping-mall-mad Bangkok as one can get.

Adored for its laid back pace of life and friendly locals, Chiang Mai attracts thousands of Bangkokians every cool season -- December to February -- with its mountainous breezes, delicious northern cuisine and thriving arts scene. 

We hit the streets for a look at what styles the locals are rocking and to ask them what is it that keeps them in Chiang Mai.  

Chiang Mai fashionFang 24, Peter 27: "The chilled pace of life."

Chiang Mai fashionJantong, 76: "I was born here."

Chiang Mai fashionMaprang, 22: "I came to study, but ended up staying."

Chiang Mai fashionGig, 20: "The city's got great vibes and people are kind."

Chiang Mai fashionYui, 32: "I love everything about Chiang Mai."

Chiang Mai fashionAmp, 36: "It's relaxing."

Chiang Mai fashionNoi, 54: "Chiang Mai is rich in culture."

Chiang Mai fashionNaam, 17: "Great food and traditional souvenirs."

Chiang Mai fashionTai, 32: "I came to work."

Chiang Mai fashionPrair, 23: "The weather!"

Chiang Mai fashionKos, 28: "Chiang Mai is unlike anywhere else."

Chiang Mai fashionJojo, 45: "Sacred historical landmarks."

Chiang Mai fashionYing, 38: "It was love at first sight, so I moved here from Bangkok."

Chiang Mai fashionNoi, 64: "Less pollution than Bangkok and strong cultural roots."

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