Gallery: Street style on Khao San Road

Gallery: Street style on Khao San Road

Bangkok’s favorite backpacker hangout attracts a motley crew of travelers. Here, some of them share their fashion inspiration

Backpackers are normally known for being poor, curious and unshaven. Not for fashion. At least not for good fashion. On Khao San Road some travelers wearing unique combinations explain their inspiration. 

Khao San Road backpackersLars, Germany: “Whatever I can find. These are borrowed.”


Khao San Road backpackersWild, 23, South Korea: “My own style.”


Khao San Road backpackersLyndsey, 51, New Zealand: “The street inspires me. Most of the clothes I wear are from my daughter or rubbish bins. People throw really nice stuff away.”


Khao San Road backpackersRaphael & Micha, 29 & 27, Austria & France: “London.”



Khao San Road backpackersDeer, 42, Thailand: “Cowboys.”


Khao San Road backpackersNikita, 19, England: “Usually the 1950s but at the moment, just travel clothes!”




Khao San Road backpackersJordan, 20, France: “Anything colorful.”


Khao San Road backpackersTasha, 24, England: “I have no idea.”



Khao San Road backpackersToshi, 40, Japan: “Reggae and classic rock.”


Khao San Road backpackersMichael, 29, Germany: “I love surfing. All my clothes are surf inspired.”


Khao San Road backpackersDarya, 21, Russia: “Don’t really know.”


Khao San Road backpackersPilar, 41, Basque Country: “Street.”


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