The world’s most inappropriate love hotel

The world’s most inappropriate love hotel

Taking a cue from Disney’s ‘Toon Town’, this Thai drive-in looks more like a fun house than a no-tell motel
For You Inn
A friendly dinosaur and an ape welcome visitors to the For You Inn, located down a back road outside of Bangkok.

“Mommy, look! Nice school!” shouted my excited two-year-old son as we drove past the brightly-colored building decorated with cute cartoon characters.

Upon closer inspection, I realized this is no nursery school. This is the "For You Inn," Thailand’s most bizarrely decorated love hotel, where a smiling Mickey Mouse at the gate welcomes you in and wide-striped curtains shroud your car from peeping eyes. 

I'd always been curious about Bangkok's "man root" (curtained) motels, but something about For You's Saturday morning cartoon vibe really intrigued me. So much so I grabbed my husband and went back to see what lay inside. Solely for the sake of research, of course.

The first thing that surprised me was that this was no rent-by-the-hour place. Perhaps giving its clients the benefit of the doubt when it comes to sexual prowess, For You Inn charges 370 baht for a minimum of three hours in a stale but seemingly clean room. 

Our room featured a black leather massage chair, round bed and whirlpool tub. Did I try out the chair? I might have. The large bathtub was mighty tempting too. Did I use the free condom that was included in the price of the room? None of your business. This is a no-tell motel, after all. 

I admit, we did watch a bit of television. Sitting atop a super classy Roman-inspired pillar, the TV offered a selection of the usual Thai channels as well as the de rigeur free porn channel and an in-house movie. 

During my one-hour visit, a pirated Thai-language version of “Avatar” was playing. Some say the movie is an erotic, sexually-charged romp through alien territory, much like the For You Inn, I suppose, making it somewhat fitting for the room. 

But would James Cameron approve? Maybe. Just For You Inn is colorful, just like Pandora. On the other hand, I think the family-friendly folks at Disney might have something to say about the naughty hotel's fun-loving use of Mickey.

Now don't get me wrong, the whole experience was tacky. Hardly what you'd call arousing. But it must be sparking the magic for some judging by the number of closed curtains I saw outside. Rather than wax lyrical, I'll leave you to check out the pics below.

For You InnNote the presence of James Cameron's blue 'Na'vi' on the TV in front of the bed. Not all rooms come with the luxurious massage chair.

For You InnView from the car as you pull into your private parking space. In this stall, a friendly little duck welcomes you into the room.

For You Inn

What would Walt Disney say? Mickey's cool and all, but I prefer the less obvious ode to the "Alice in Wonderland" cheshire cat.

For You InnNo need to show your face in the lobby. As soon as guests drive in they are directed to a free stall where their cars are shrouded by colorful curtains (see far left). Attendents come to the room to collect the fees.

For You InnThe walls and ceiling in this For You Inn room are covered in carnival-esque paintings of naked women that look like they leapt straight off a big rig’s mud flaps onto the dimly lit walls. A two-way mirror offers views of the bathroom.

For You InnIn the bathroom, a big whirlpool tub is available for use -- bubble bath costs extra -- while the two-way mirror has its own ballet barre should you feel the need to work on your plies.



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