Baan Dinso: Bangkok's beige beauty

Baan Dinso: Bangkok's beige beauty

With snuggly beds and floral curtains, this is a backpacker hostel your grandma would adore
Baan Dinso
Baan Dinso is a member of Hostelling International, though with ammenities like WiFi and TVs it feels more like a boutique hotel.
Only a 10-minute walk from Khao San Road, Baan Dinso feels more like a civilized 1920s home than a backpacker hostel (and, therefore, is NOT the place to say if you plan on coming home blotto on Sangsom every night).

Light beige walls, original copper fittings and endearingly creaky teakwood floors fill this dainty former nobleman's house, while the nine rooms -- all with cable TV, snug beds and floral curtains -- look like every English Grandma’s spotless spare-room (or is it just mine?).

Unlike most hostels in the vicinity of Khao San Road, the service is sweet, not sour. Staff use your first name, a hearty American breakfast is served on the patio, and, on checking-out, it’s not uncommon to find yourself being waved off from the porch (and waving back). Delightful.

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getting there

Baan Dinso
113 Trok Sin, Dinso Road
Phra Nakorn, Bangkok, 10200
tel +66 (0)2 622 0560