Thai lingerie makes its BIFF & BIL debut with a sexy exhibition

Thai lingerie makes its BIFF & BIL debut with a sexy exhibition

Here’s a rundown of the top underwear brands joining this weekend's event, along with a few gratutitious shots of women -- and one man -- wearing them

This year’s Bangkok International Fashion Fair (BIFF & BIL) has thrown in an extra shot of sexy with a lingerie exhibition featuring Thailand’s top underwear brands.

Here's a quick look at some of the brands joining the annual event, which is open to the public April 23-24 at Impact Arena in Muang Thong Thani. 



Annebra’s alluring product line has been around since 1992 and includes bras, panties, nightwear, robes, camisoles, girdles and swimwear. Its designs are chic and the fabrics colorful and vibrant.

The company sells through 17 outlets in Thailand (12 in Bangkok, two in Pattaya and three in Phuket) as well as shops in Osaka, Japan and the Netherlands.


3 Angels by Princessbra 

3 Angels by Princessbra

Under the Princessbra label, the 3 Angels brand produces and exports four different ranges of bras. There's Pretty Girl for young teenagers, Trendy Young for older teens, Smart Beauty for women and Healthy Sport for active women.

The 3 Angels brand has gained a foothold in the undergarment industry thanks to the superior quality of its fabrics, which the company claims provide a "sensual feeling" next to the skin.

Princessbra products are distributed all over Asia, though 70 percent of their 2.5 million bras are sold locally in Thailand. 


Kullastri and BSC


Launched in 1977, ICC International's Kullastri was designed and priced to fit the needs of the modern Thai woman. The product range includes bras, pants and sleepwear.


BSC was launched 20 years later -- also under the Saha Group manufacturing umbrella -- adding camisole tops to the product line mix while focusing on sexy designs and high fashion.

A few years later, BSC moved to the luxury end of the market, where it remains today.

Apart from being available throughout Thailand, Kullastri is sold in most ASEAN countries. BSC products can be found in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Iran and Dubai.


Sabina, Sabinie

Sabina, Sabinie
Sabina is now the second largest lingerie manufacturer in Thailand. It is also one of the oldest, having evolved from just two little shops that opened in 1958.

The company produces nearly nine million bras a month, 60 percent of which are sold locally, with the rest being sold overseas, under its SBN label.

The company has received many international accreditations, including one from the Swiss Textile Testing Institute of Switzerland, for its product quality and service control.


J. Press, Luft


And finally, something for the men. (And the ladies. That photo HAD to have been artifically enchanced. Didn't it?)

Thai J. Press is one of the largest men's underwear manufacturers in Thailand, around for nearly three decades.

The company makes men's and boy's underwear, including briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, tank tops and T-shirts, under the brand names of J. Press and Luft.

Today, the company exports its products to the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The company also handles contract manufacturing for a number of international brands including Puma, DKNY, Emporio Armani, Fila, Levi's and Hush Puppies.



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