Shades of Retro: It's all for sale

Shades of Retro: It's all for sale

Bring a first date or new friends. This place is crammed full of conversation pieces
522/3 Soi Thong Lor, near corner of Soi 16, down Thararom 2, Bangkok +66 (0)8 18 24 8011
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Shades of Retro
Warning: All of Shades of Retro's treasures are for sale. After a few drinks, shopping could get interesting.

Half-lounge, half-consignment shop, Shades of Retro is like a never ending garage sale that happens to serve shots.

Renovated from a traditional Thai townhouse garage, the bar is crammed full of relics from Old Siam. Everything is for sale: the vintage cigarette ad, the Ramones LP, the Scandinavian sunglasses.

This nightspot has mastered junky chic, though you may have to squeeze between a Hammond organ and a polished Vespa to reach the bar. Music selection tends toward twinkling indie rock.

The bar staff enjoys inventing new cocktails with names like “Shot of Wad” or “Yuki Suffer”, though they seem to work harder on the name than the drink.