Photo Gallery: Bangkok street style

Photo Gallery: Bangkok street style

Forget the trendsetters. For some real, ground-zero fashion statements you need to talk to indy college kids and octogenarian fortune tellers, characters who have a style all their own

Away from the usual fashion hotspots and high-end brand zones, Bangkok street fashion oozes charm and distinction. And this includes Bangkokians of all ages, not just the usual trend-setting 20-somethings who grace the city's fashion pages. 

We headed to Yaowarat (Chinatown area), Banglampoo, Jatujak and Phatumwan to capture some of Bangkok's hippest, best dressed and most unique characters on film and, most importantly, to find out where they shop. 

Som, 68, retired: Buys fabric from Chinatown's Sampeng Lane Wholesale Market and makes her own clothes. <

Joy, 24, shop owner: Buys most of her clothes in the Khlong San Market, right off the Chao Phraya River.

Arm, 25, student: Shops at the Jatujak Weekend Market.

First, 18, retailer: Shops at Siam Square and Jatujak.

Jenny, 14, student: Loves to shop at Jatujak and Ratchadalai

Anusat, 44, buys and sells old teak wood: Only shops at Jatujak.

Oui, 53, dreadlock maker: Cannot remember where his clothes came from.

Toey, 21, student: Always shops at Siam Square.

Jun, 28, tuk tuk driver: Stocks up on clothes at Bangkok's Saphan Phut Market.

New, 18, student: In Bangkok, shops at Siam Square and the Jatujak Weekend Market, but shops in Japan too.

Pat, 26, student, loves Twiggy: Shops around Victory Monument.

Sorapong, 49, gave up being a tattoo artist to open a clothes shop at the Jatujak Weekend Market -- where he also buys his clothes.

Ajarn Gorson, 86, tai chi instructor, fortune teller and Chinese-language newspaper seller: His clothes are usually purchased in Phuket.

Jim, 47, shop owner: Shops in Sampeng Lane.

Por, 7, student: Usually shops in Sampeng, where her mom has a bag shop.

Volley, 23, student: Loves shopping in Chiang Mai and at the Ratchada Night Market in Bangkok.


Cattleya Jaruthavee is a freelance photographer and writer. She is particularly interested in socio-economic/political disparities in the world and has several ongoing projects.

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