iPhoneography: The new world of travel photography made easy

iPhoneography: The new world of travel photography made easy

A blogging iPhone fanatic shares her favorite photo apps, snaps and secrets for capturing travel in a whole new frame

iPhoneographySoi Saladaeng in Bangkok, taken with the TiltShift Generator, which makes subjects look like miniature models.Bangkok is the city of "BB," no doubt about it.

From celebrities to street food vendors, Blackberry is the mobile brand of choice thanks to its affordable price tag and the coveted Blackberry Messenger that connects all BB users around the world for free.

But iPhoners have an edge over our BB toting friends as, let's face it, Blackberry sucks in the photography department.

Thanks to the huge array of apps available on Apple’s App Store, iPhone photography (or iPhoneography) is about more than just simple camera phone images.

It's also starting to get some respect.

iPhoneography has graced the cover of The New Yorker. Recently, it was officially recognized by Apple itself when Apple Stores began hosting a series of iPhonegraphy exhibits called “Pixels- -- The Art of the iPhone."

With this introductory guide, start swiping your way toward becoming the first Pulitzer-winning iPhotographer. For more pics, check out my blog, BKK thru the iPhone.


{C}iphoneography The ShakeItPhoto app turns your iPhone into a Polaroid camera.

Starting out

On its own, the iPhone camera is good, but not great. That’s why you need to download extra apps to make your shooting experience more camera-like.

The choice for beginners is Adobe Photoshop Express. It's a well-known brand and it’s free.

For more advanced iPhoneographers, Photogene (US$1.99) is reliable and flexible when it comes to basic editing, such as cropping, resizing, etc.

For cool effects, Best Camera (US$2.99) allows you to retouch and recolor your photos. 


Apps for Hipsters

{C}iPhoneography in BangkokBird watching takes on a new hue with the iPhone PictureShow app.

If you’re still shooting with film or Lomo, these are the apps that should be downloaded to your iPhone screens.

The controversial Hipstamatic (US$1.99) is great for beginners, but frowned upon by hard-core iPhoneographers since it takes cool pictures automatically without much user effort. You only need to choose its “lens” and “film” to manipulate the colors and effects.

If you love to manually fiddle with your shots, CinemaFX (US$0.99), PictureShow (US$1.99) and SwankoLab (US$1.99) let you add crazy colors, tones, scratches and frames.

Apps for wannabe artists

{C}iPhoneographyEven rush hour looks better with the iPhone Color Splash app. With these apps you can use cool photo effects to show your BB-toting friends what they’re missing.

TiltShift Generator (US$0.99) creates a “tilt-shift” effect that makes your subjects look like miniature models.

ColorSplash (US$0.99) does those cool “color on black-and-white” artsy shots Chatuchak artists love so much.

Pro HDR (US$1.99) adds surreal colors to your pics and ShakeItPhoto (US$0.99) turns your iPhone into a Polaroid camera.


Show off your masterpieces

{C}iphoneographyThe TiltShift app can take a bland scene and make it funky. Bangkok's BTS tracks have never looked so good.

So what do you do with all these cool shots you’ve just put together?

Show them off on Instagram. It’s like Facebook for iPhonerographers.

Take a photo, add an effect, post it with captions then sit back and watch people start commenting and clicking “like” on your creations.

Best of all, Instagram can be connected with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare so that you can share photos on every channel with just one click.

You can also create a poster or flyer with your iPhone images on Phoster (US$1.99), or make a collage of your photographic journey on Diptic (US$1.99). These are two great apps to get you started on your journey to becoming a skilled iPhoneographer.

Do you have a favorite iPhoneography app? Tell us about it in the box below.

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