Now it's official: Bangkok’s nightlife is among the world's best

Now it's official: Bangkok’s nightlife is among the world's best's Travelers’ Choice 2010 Destination Awards ranks Bangkok among the world’s top 10 after-dark locales
Bangkok nightlife
Looks like fun, right? Just another night in Bangkok, one of the world's greatest cities for nightlife according to readers.
Travel advice website has announced the winners of its Travelers’ Choice 2010 Destination Awards, with Bangkok’s nightlife receiving some love from the popular American site’s voters.  

Though they didn’t agree with our proclamation that Bangkok has the best nightlife in the world, voters did give it the ninth spot in the list of 10, coming in ahead of Sydney.  

Here’s the full list of Top 10 Nightlife Destinations in the World:

1.    New Orleans, Louisiana
2.    New York, New York
3.    Las Vegas, Nevada
4.    Buenos Aires, Argentina
5.    London, United Kingdom
6.    Berlin, Germany
7.    New Castle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
8.    Dublin, Ireland
9.    Bangkok, Thailand
10.  Sydney, Australia

Other award categories include Beach & Sun, Culture & Sightseeing, Family, Food & Wine and Relaxation & Spa. Unfortunately Thailand didn’t place on any of the worldwide categories with the exception of nightlife, though as expected it fared well in the Asia-only sections.