Tourist fashion crimes in Bangkok's 'red light' zones

Tourist fashion crimes in Bangkok's 'red light' zones

We sent a photographer out to Patpong and Soi Cowboy in search of the wackiest, tackiest tourist fashions, of which there was certainly no shortage

This week's red shirt drama may have forced the organizers of Bangkok International Fashion Week to postpone the shows till April, but that doesn't mean we can't talk style. Or rather, a lack of.

Tourists aren't always the most fashionable bunch, with Bangkok attracting more than its fair share of travelers who opt for comfort over style. We get it, we travel too. But some areas of the city tend to be hot beds of fashion crimes -- particularly the go-go bar zones of Patpong and Soi Cowboy. 

We sent Thailand-based photojournalist John Le Fevre out to these two infamous streets to capture some of the nightly style crimes that take place. Here are a few highlights, accompanied by a lot of lowlights.

Thais are used to seeing red shirt protesters but even Thaksin Shinawatra would think the pants and velvet red shoes are just a little too much.


Padded sole clogs and a bare navel? Not a good look, even for Patpong.


Bright orange might be appropriate for rescue personnel and golf pros, but this fellow is clearly neither.


You would have to smile and signal peace if caught wearing these atrocious six-inch cut offs and matching white scuffs.


Suspenders and a belt might be the sign of a well prepared man, but the Casey Jones look is well out of place in Patpong.


We can only assume all this guy's 'good' clothes are in the wash. 


White floppy hats are great if you're watching cricket or sitting on the beach, but for a night out on Patpong the look is a major fashion no-no.


This guy appears to have raided his little sister's cupboard before going out. Frightening.


Nothing screams "I'm a tourist and I don't care what I look like" quite like a straw hat and knee-length flowery shorts.


Sorry sir but this shirt is way too loud -- even for Patpong.


 The white singlet look is dated. But we'll let it go, only because it pales in comparison to that wacky, tacky braid his date has managed to weave down the left half of her face.


The hat, open shirt and strategically placed sunglasses revealing a sparse crop of chest hair is a crime anywhere, let alone on Soi Cowboy.


This Soi Cowboy patron was so eager to check out the action he forgot to take off his pajamas before heading out. At least he's comfortable.


Though we'd never suggest you have to dress to impress when heading to Soi Cowboy, this fellow's baseball cap, Thai beer singlet and rat-tail ponytail are difficult to stomach.


Her dress is cute, but he looks like Fearless Fly. What do you need a neck scarf in March for? It's Thailand.


Dreadlocks and a ratty sweatband? Get back to Khao San, you hippy!


It must take incredible effort and a lot of shave gel to maintain a hair patch like this. So, why?


We don’t think this is what the guide books meant when they said “light and comfortable clothing” is best for Thailand’s tropical heat.


This hat probably looks better on the head of the scarecrow we suspect it
was stolen from.

John Le Fevre is an Australian national with more than 20 years' experience as a journalist, photographer, videographer and copy editor.

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