'Pub peab' goes viral -- the Thai twist on planking

'Pub peab' goes viral -- the Thai twist on planking

Forget planking, this is the latest Facebook craze

Inspired by planking, thousands of Thais are uploading their best "pub peab" poses to Facebook. Unfortunately for those who were hoping Australia's 'planking' fad would go unnoticed here in Thailand, the country has embraced the bizarre trend with unbridled enthusiasm.

So much so that hundreds of thousands of Thais are now supporting an alternative to the 'plank.'

Planking involves lying face down in an unusual or awkward location. The planker’s hands must touch the sides of their body. Plankers then post photos of themselves 'planking' on the Internet.

Last week, a group in Thailand launched an alternate Facebook campaign to promote the traditional pose known as “pub peab,” which involves sitting in a kneeling position.

The pose is mostly used in formal settings like weddings or to pay respect to monks or Buddha images, though images on the Pub Peab Facebook page show people sitting with their knees tucked beneath them in all sorts of awkward places.

Pub peabThis woman took her pub peab to the next level by appealing to Thailand's well-known love of pandas. As of Monday afternoon, the page already had more than 160,000 “likes” and several thousand pub peab photos.

Meanwhile Thailand's celebrities, politicians and even the “red shirts” are pulling their own planks, as Thais all over the country continue to share their best planking shots on Facebook.

Not everyone is thrilled with the craze. Religious officials have expressed disappointment at one viral photo of a monk pulling off a plank, with one university assistant rector even offering a reward to those who could identify him, so that he could be punished.
The trend has come under fire in Australia as well, where a 20-year-old man recently died after falling from a seventh-story balcony while believed to have been planking.

pub peabThe pub peab/plank combo is a popular choice among fans of the Thai posing craze.