Somluck Kamsing to fight Van Damme

Somluck Kamsing to fight Van Damme

Buzz is building that the Thai Olympian will get in the ring with the "Blood Sport" legend, and already the mud is being slung
Jean Claude Van Damme
Belgian martial artist and actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is keen to step back into the ring, say reports.
Rumors are flying that Thai Olympic featherweight boxing champion Somluck Kamsing will fight international martial arts star Jean-Claude Van Damme in a K1 Muay Thai match in Las Vegas this year.

Dates have yet to be confirmed. says the event will take place in March, though the Bangkok Post claims it won’t happen before October.

Either way, it sounds like we have a match to look forward to this year. Reports say the 38-year-old Atlanta Olympic Games gold medalist and the 49-year-old Hollywood star signed a contract on December 29 in a Bangkok hotel.

Though the fight will follow the traditional Muay Thai format, Van Damme reportedly requested that the use of elbows be disallowed. After all, he is a movie star with a face to protect.

Somluck, who the Bangkok Post says is known for exaggerating, was quoted by as boasting: "I thought he was of much larger stature. But when we were standing next to each other, he wasn't any bigger than me. So, I'm confident now. I'm better in Muay Thai techniques and I will have fun kicking the star. However, I won't be careless and will keep training myself."