School’s out. The kids are bored. Try these 3 Bangkok diversions

School’s out. The kids are bored. Try these 3 Bangkok diversions

A dab of history, a slab of ice and something for the dog too
Pro skaters are few and far between at Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club.

With the exception of some of Thailand’s international schools, which follow the Western calendar, the rest of this country’s kids are now enjoying a month-long holiday.

We wouldn’t want the little gaffers to sit around the house playing video games. Here are three Bangkok attractions that will entertain, and in one case even educate.

Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club

There’s just something thrilling about coming in from the hot streets of Bangkok and slapping on a pair of ice skates. Located on the Esplanade Mall’s fourth floor, Sub-Zero is one of the few Thai venues where you’ll find a Zamboni. The best part is that few of the skaters actually know how to skate, so you won’t feel like a fool when you’re clutching the boards and falling on your rear. And getting cranky as the smaller skaters whiz by effortlessly.

Ban Kamthieng

Give the kids a lesson in Thai Lanna history at Ban Kamthieng, a 150-year-old northern Thai house that is extremely out of place in traffic-clogged Asok. Informative displays of daily rituals, folk beliefs and everyday household items provide background, while the house and grounds provide atmosphere.


For fun the whole family can enjoy -- even the dog -- head to Ozono. This place is equipped with a specially landscaped pet park (pets aren't allowed in Bangkok's public parks) along with numerous restaurants and stores where pets are welcome to eat and shop alongside their human family members.

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