Pattaya shoots for speed dating world record

Pattaya shoots for speed dating world record

A day of mass match-making takes over the seaside city. In other news: Wear pink, not red, say Chinatown leaders
Speed dating
Thai dating website Sanook! Thaimate is hosting this weekend's attempt to break the world record for speed dating.
If there’s any city in the world that should be competing for a title relating to light-speed love encounters, it’s Pattaya.

The seaside city, infamous for its red-light nightlife, will do just that this Saturday when hundreds of singles -- and probably a few who aren’t --  will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for speed dating.

According to The Nation, over 500 people have registered for the event, already exceeding the targeted number of 253 participants. The event is being hosted by the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum and the online matchmaking service Sanook! Thaimate.

In other news:

Pink is in: Want to celebrate Chinese New Year without looking like you’re taking political sides? Chinatown’s leaders have an answer, reports the Bangkok Post. Wear pink.