A Bangkok spa that treats you according to your blood type

A Bangkok spa that treats you according to your blood type

Are you a hunter, a cultivator or a nomad? Plaza Athénée panders to your plasma accordingly
Spa Athenee
Treatments as part of Spa Athénée's "Blood Type Therapy Retreat" package all take place in the facility's spa suite.

Eating according to your blood type is old news. The diet trend all started with the book "Eat right 4 your type," published way back in 1997 and still followed by people around the world. 

In Bangkok, the fad has moved from the dining room into the spa, with Royal Meridian Plaza Athenee Bangkok's Spa Athénée the first facility in Thailand to tailor treatments according to a person's blood type. 

It's all based on the belief that blood type determines an individual's physiological and personality characteristics. Despite having no shortage of skeptics, many in Japan have been using blood type to define temperament and personality for nearly 100 years. 

Curious, we recently decided to try Spa Athénée's half-day "Blood Type Therapy Retreat" package, which includes tailored ""Immunetra" spa therapy products made with fresh herbs, spices, fruits, and ground gemstone.

Are you a hunter, a cultivator or a nomad? 

Jealous, vain, overly dependent? Blame it on your blood. Before the pampering you have to have a blood type consultation. Spa staff offer up some literature highlighting the attributes that are allegedly characteristic to each blood type.

It's almost like getting your horoscope read. 

If you're blood type O, the literature says you're considered a hunter with a strong digestive system, and leadership aspirations. You're also goal-orientated, trend-setting, loyal, passionate and confident.

But it's not all good. O blood types are also vain, jealous and overly competitive.

Type A blood bearers are considered cultivators who like harmony, peace and organization. They're said to work well with others, are sensitive, patient and affectionate. But they're also stubborn and restless. 

And finally, those with blood type B are considered nomads. They've got strong immune systems, flexible digestive systems -- who doesn't want a pancreas like a pretzel? -- are rugged individualists, straight forward, decisive, creative and adaptable. Negatives are that they're overly independent. 

The treatments are all based on each blood type's attributes. For instance, the therapists at Spa Athénée say those with type O blood tend to be more stressed out, so their treatments will feature calming oils and massages.

The treatment and the cuisine

The "Blood Type Therapy Retreat" package is four hours long and includes: a 30-minute steam; 30-minute exfoliation; 30-minute ginseng bath; 30-minute tourmaline body wrap; and a 90-minute aromatic gems massage. Cost: 8,200 baht. 

It all ends with a pool-side meal featuring surprisingly tasty spa cuisine made, obviously, to compliment your blood type.  

Skeptics will likely say it all sounds like a pile of plasma-based phooey, lacking in any real clinical evidence.

And maybe it is. But they'd be hard-pressed to admit that soaking in a hot oil bath then getting scrubbed and massaged is not a pretty darn nice way to spend an afternoon. 

To experience the "Blood Type Therapy Retreat," call +66 (0) 2650 8800 or email spaathenee.bangkok@lemeridien.com. Royal Méridien's Plaza Athénée is at 61 Wireless Road. BTS: Ploenchit.  

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