Foursquare has arrived in Bangkok. Should you care?

Foursquare has arrived in Bangkok. Should you care?

Slated as the next big thing in social media, the pros say this location-based mobile app and game is poised for global domination
Screenshot of, which bills itself as a new way to explore the city.
If the wise CEO of social media blog Mashable, Pete Cashmore, says Foursquare is going to be the next big thing, you should probably sign up. Now. has tapped this globally worshipped maverick to write a weekly column about social networking and tech issues. In this week’s article, he explains why Foursquare will be the Twitter of 2010.

“While the technology landscape is ever-changing, I'd argue that Foursquare already has aligned itself to become next year's mainstream hit,” says Cashmore.

Fortunately for us, Foursquare welcomed Bangkok to its roster this week, one of 50 new cities added to the location-based mobile application and game as part of a global roll out. Already there are some familiar Bangkok Twitter users on there, including CNNGo contributors Kitty Chirapongse and Than Rassadanukul.

So what exactly is Foursquare, and why is it destined for global domination? Cashmore says it serves a simple purpose -- letting an individual share his or her location with a group of friends.

“Foursquare ventures beyond utility, however: It's a virtual game in which participants earn badges for checking in at various locations; those that check in most become a venue's ‘mayor.’ By all accounts, this mechanism is as addictive as Twitter, Facebook or checking your e-mail on a BlackBerry.”

Just what we need, another addictive social media network to update and keep track of. But, we’ll still join. Only because Cashmore says we should.

Karla is a digital producer with CNN Travel based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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