Celebrating Thailand’s stinkiest fruit: The durian

Celebrating Thailand’s stinkiest fruit: The durian

The World Durian Festival kicks off in Chanthaburi this weekend, and one Bangkok hotel has devoted a whole month to the smelly fruit
durian festival
The durian armoa is so strong that many hotels in Thailand have banned it from the premises.

Thailand’s stinkest event of the year begins this Saturday: the World Durian Festival. The nine-day celebration of this popular Thai fruit will take place in Chanthaburi, about 245 kilometers east of Bangkok, from May 1-9.

It’s no secret durian is an acquired taste. Though the durian is arguably the world’s smelliest fruit, loathed by many, its fans claim that if you can get past its strong odor, a creamy, delectable party on the taste buds awaits.

In spite of the name, there’s more to the World Durian Festival than just durian. The region is famous for its fruit so expect plenty of tasty fruits for sale as well as local OTOP products, fruit decoration displays, a processed product contest and a jewelry and accessories fair.

Prefer your durian in pastry form? Flourworx, in Bangkok’s Grand Millennium Sukhumvit hotel, is offering an 'Amazing Durian' promotion for the entire month of May. The pastry and dessert menu includes durian rolls, durian mousse and durian butter loft cake.

Getting to Chanthaburi: Air-conditioned buses depart from Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai) every hour, from 4 a.m.-midnight.