Break out the 'Bangkok Parka,' winter is here!

Break out the 'Bangkok Parka,' winter is here!

Bangkokians rejoice as the city wakes up to a chill, signaling the start of the most wonderful time of the year
Bangkok Parka
If Bangkok’s weather gets any colder, we might have to invest in Columbia’s 'Bangkok Parka.'

Much like a child waking up to the first winter’s show, Bangkokians welcome the first cool breezes and low temps of November with a similar sense of joy and wonder.

On Tuesday, for the second morning in a row, Bangkok began with a chill, at noon hitting a wonderful 26 degrees (Celsius). The forecast calls for a low of 20 overnight, signalling the start of the long-awaited Bangkok "winter."

T'is the season of beer gardens, alfresco dining, weekend camping trips and cold-weather fashion. A time to pull out all those sweaters we’ve been stashing away all year and maybe even take an afternoon walk in the park.

Bangkok’s tweeters were clearly excited by the weather. Here are some of the comments we saw on Tuesday morning.

“If I didn't know better, I'd think it's gonna snow.” -- Tri 26

“Stoked -- here in the Bangkok 'burbs" weather is like an early New York winter morning. VERY cool with strong wind.” -- Scott_cos

“Everybody's been saying Thai winter is here and today i'm feeling it! I swear it's like an early fall day with a gray sky. Major love!” -- Taosays

“Back in Bangkok, hello cool breeze?! Pleasantly disoriented by this balmy weather.” -- Jack Prinya

“Windy and 26°C in Bangkok and I'm freezing. Long sleeve day for sure. Don't tell my Canadian friends, they'll have my passport revoked.” -- BKKGreg

On the weekend, Inside Bangkok posted a link to winter clothing brand Columbia’s “Bangkok Parka.” For a moment, it looked intriguing. Turns out it’s just a clever name for a “perfectly executed winter tunic built for battling arctic blasts and bashing bumps off the backside.”

While bumps on the backside are no rarity for us, especially after too many beers, fortunately arctic blasts are. We'll stick to our light sweaters and keep our fingers crossed the cool weather lasts for at least the rest of the month.