Saturday night will be booze free in Bangkok. Here are 4 things to hit instead of the bars

Saturday night will be booze free in Bangkok. Here are 4 things to hit instead of the bars

Because you don't need to drink to have fun -- really, you don't -- we've found some alcohol-free ways to enjoy the night
Bangkok alcohol-free activitiesIt’s election time in Bangkok, with the city going to the polls on Sunday to elect some new city and district council members. 

So you know what that means. All bars are closed Saturday night. And the shops won't be selling alcohol either. 

But the evening can be fun without drinks. Really, it can. Instead of hitting the clubs, hit any of these four things instead.


Thailand's prime golfing season is coming, which means now is the time to shake the rust off your swing. Many of Bangkok’s driving ranges are open well into the night, given most Thais don’t head there till well after the sun goes down. Check out our list of Bangkok’s best, here.

The buffet table

Bangkok’s hotels are battling it out for business these days, and their restaurants are no exception. There are some impressive spreads on offer in pretty much every four and five star hotel out there, with some even offering great two-for-one deals like the Vie Hotel. For more options, check out this massive Bangkok Post list of deals on right now. 


Though bowling without beer might feel like a glass of Sangsom without the soda, Bangkok’s high-tech bowling alleys, found in most of the city's high-end malls, are actually pretty fun. One of our favorites is Major Bowl at J-Avenue. There’s decent food, music (not always decent) and neon lights. Get there early, as during weekends it gets packed.

The field

Thailand’s Premier League season is in full swing, with two football matches in Bangkok and nearby Nonthaburi set for Saturday night. Click here for the full schedule