9 of Thailand’s coolest Guinness World Records

9 of Thailand’s coolest Guinness World Records

A scorpion queen, feline nuptials and more in this list of past and present Thai feats in celebration of Guinness World Record Day
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The 'Thai Scorpion Queen', Kanchana Ketkeaw, reads a magazine as she sets her 2002 Guinness World Record for "the longest stay with scorpions."

So it would appear there is indeed a day for everything, record breaking included. Today, November 18, is Guinness World Record Day, the annual day to celebrate record setting and breaking around the world. 

We’re doing our part by offering this list of nine of Thailand’s craziest and grandest records made -- and a few lost -- over the last 20 years.

1. Most expensive pet wedding

To be honest, we're surprised this record hasn't yet been broken as it was set way back in 1996, when love cats Phet and Ploy were married in matching pink outfits. But these aren't just any felines, they're rare diamond-eyed cats, suffering from a type of glaucoma that Thais believe is lucky.

The price of the wedding was over 400,000 baht and attended by 500 guests, who gave over 15 million baht in gifts while the dowry came in at more than 550,000 baht. The bride was brought in by Rolls Royce, the groom a helicopter, a parrot was the best man and an iguana served as maid of honor.

2. Largest parade of motorcycles

2009 was a good year for Thailand in terms of Guinness World Records. In August, Thai Yahama Motor Co., Ltd set a new record for the largest parade of automatic motorcycles. The Guinness World Records guidelines state that the parade must extend for at least 3.2 kilometers (two miles) and there can be no significant gaps between each participating motorcycle.

This Nakorn Nayok province parade was over five kilometers, finishing at the lovely Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam, with exactly 2,474 Yamaha Finos taking part to set the new record.

World's Largest RestaurantBangkok's Royal Dragon restaurant seats 5,000 diners.

3. World’s largest restaurant

Bangkok's Mang Gorn Luang (the Royal Dragon) is a whopping 1.6 hectares in size, featuring 5,000 seats and 541 roller-skating waiters, making it a Guinness World Record holder as the world's largest restaurant. Until 2008, that is, when a Syrian restaurant with over 6,000 seats stole the prize.

Nevertheless, the Royal Dragan is still a magnificent dining feat with a menu with over 1,000 dishes, including Thai, Western, Chinese and Japanese. 

4. World’s largest wave pool 

On April of 2009, Guinness World Records formally recognized the 13,600 square meter wave pool at the Siam Park City as the largest on the planet. The pool has actually been around for 30 years but was never judged till last year. 

Named Talay Krung Thip (Bangkok Sea), the massive Siam Park City wave pool also has waterfalls and some nice landscaping. Park officials say the waves can get as high as 1.5 meters.

5. World’s tallest girl

Until this year, 17-year-old Thai Malee Duangdee was the tallest girl in the world, at 6 feet, 10 inches. That title now belongs to a U.S. teenager, 16-year-old Marvadene Anderson, who stands 6 feet 11 inches high.

Thai elephantThai doctors attend to female elephant 'Motala' at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation in Lampang.

6. Most veterinary surgeons involved in one operation

Back in 1999, 30 veterinarians operated on an elephant, Motola, in Lampang after she stepped on a land mine in Myanmar.

Over 30 vets worked together to operate on the 38-year-old cow elephant at the Hang Chat Elephant Hospital in August 1999. According to reports, she was given enough anesthetic to knock out 70 people.

Last year, Motola was fitted with a permanent artificial leg.

7. Longest duration living with scorpions

Thailand's scorpion queen, Kanchana Ketkeaw, topped her own world record in January of last year when she stayed in a glass-encased box, about the size of a bedroom, for 33 days with 5,000 scorpions. Back in 2002, she set a record for staying in a similar room for 32 days with 3,400.

The woman is a local legend for her fearless encounters, and puts on regular shows for tourists. She says she's been stung hundreds of times but the venom has little effect on her as she's built up an immunity over the years.

8. World’s largest aqua-aerobics display

Thiland snagged this record in April of 2009 for putting on a show in Pattaya that featured 2,047 fitness crazy participants heading into the sea to get wet and work out together. A town in Italy tried to top the record this year but fortunately for Thailand they failed, only managing to snag 1,565 participants.

9. World’s longest catwalk

In April this year, Thailand broke the record for the world's longest catwalk to host a fashion show. The catwalk, set up on on Pattaya's Beach Road, reached a whopping 1,594.7 meters. The previous record for the longest catwalk was 1,320.45 meters, in Mexico.

The fashion show took place at the end of Pattaya International Fashion Week and featured all the models from all the events. No word on whether there were any nipple slips.