New 'Hangover Part II' spots released. Admit it, you’re excited. Or over it already

New 'Hangover Part II' spots released. Admit it, you’re excited. Or over it already

With the film’s premiere exactly a month away, we get some intriguing new insights into the wolf pack’s Thai adventures

As “The Hangover Part II” director Todd Phillips continues to moan about what a hardship the shoot in Thailand was -- while defending himself against allegations regarding a monkey addicted to cigarettes -- four new TV spots for the R-rated film have been released. 

Despite the predictable Thai cliches (bar girls, monks, tuk tuks, strange food and tropical beaches) popping up more than a few times, we have to admit we’re excited to see what’s in store for the wolf pack when "The Hangover Part II" finally hits screens on May 26. 

Some locals are already complaining about what this movie will do for Thailand’s image, though few can deny the impact it will have on the tourism industry.  

Here are the other three spots. Eagle-eyed residents will spot a few familiar Bangkok sites in there. 


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