Let's do it! Tiger Woods condom statue gets worldwide notice

Let's do it! Tiger Woods condom statue gets worldwide notice

The gloves are off (or are they on?) as a popular Bangkok restaurant uses a rubbery mannequin of the scorned golfer to promote safe sex
Tiger Woods
Playing it copyright safe, the Nike logos on Cabbages & Condoms' Tiger Woods replica are intentionally backwards.

Famous Bangkok restaurant Cabbages & Condoms' latest addition to its decor, a statue of Tiger Woods made out of condoms, has snagged the attention of the global media.

American gossip site TMZ.com was the first to feature a pic of the mannequin, noting: “The life-size statue is all part of a safe sex and birth control program, but unlike some of Tiger's alleged mistresses ... this eatery is strictly no glove, no love."

Other media outlets have since followed suit, including the well-read Huffington Post with a piece headlined “Irony explodes as Tiger Woods statue is made from condoms."

The mannequin’s pink shirt, orange slacks, yellow cap, shoes and golf club are entirely made of condoms, and the belt buckle reads: "Let's do it, Tiger". Interestingly, few of the websites ventured beyond the rubber to mention the food in Cabbages & Condoms is actually really good.

Featuring various pieces of art made with condoms and even a signature condom-related dish, the Sukhumvit restaurant was founded by the Population and Community Development Association in Bangkok in 1986 to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning and to generate income to support various development activities. For those who want to take home some condom creations, there’s a gift shop onsite.

Management declined to comment on the Tiger Woods mannequin over the phone but did say the statue would be there for at least another month.

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