Sexy uniforms condemned, Bangkok men weep

Sexy uniforms condemned, Bangkok men weep

Two of the city’s top universities have watched their students’ skirts get shorter and shorter over the years. Time for another wardrobe crackdown
Thai university students
Creeping hemlines have been a problem for Thai universities for years. But not everyone thinks they're a bad thing.

When news hit the Internet that Bangkok’s two top universities are yet again cracking down on sexy uniforms, both genders -- mostly men, really -- immediately began expressing their displeasure on blogs, forums and Twitter.

“It’s a pity the authorities don't focus more on learning and critical thinking than what the girls are wearing,” said one comment on blog My Thai Friend.

"*Sigh* Don't they have anything better to do?" asked Twitter user Saksith

Within five minutes of the email alert from popular local forum, more than 800 readers were online reading the news.

From the serious to the sarcastic, here are a few of the less offensive posts.

“They would be better served having a clampdown on substandard teaching and changing of classes to suit lecturers' other money making ventures. Figures in establishment or with power telling the young to not do something usually has the opposite effect.”
- Hammered

“I think that I will need to see a lot more pictures of these so called 'inappropriate uniforms' before I can make an informed judgment on their suitability.”
- Edwinchester  

“My university has five people standing at the main entrance yelling at everybody who they deem is not following the dress code. I also find it funny that only girls need to adhere to the dress code, but not guys. I would say 80 percent of the male student population is blatantly breaking the rules with their choice of attire yet nobody says anything to them.”
- MysteryBKK

“I can't object to young women dressing like this as long as it's not my own daughter.”
- Orosee

“More important question should probably be, why in the modern day, are students still wearing uniforms to university?”
- Thai at Heart

One university official blamed the the sexy school uniforms on the influence of Thai celebrities and urged the Culture Ministry to ask local stars to cover up. Should a crackdown like that be announced, expect the entire country to take to the streets in protest.