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Media round-up: The latest on Bangkok’s political situation

Media round-up: The latest on Bangkok’s political situation

From tourist warnings to business fallout, these are some of the global stories following Wednesday's stand-off between the Thai government and protesters

CNN's Arwa Damon reports on Wednesday's clashes between Thai forces and protesters.

Multicolored rally called off: Doctor Tul Sitthisomwong, a leader of the so-called multicoloured group, announced that his group would indefinitely postpone rallies until the situation returns to normal.
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Businesses rocked: Wednesday’s clashes between security forces and anti-government protesters on the outskirts of Bangkok will only increase the pressure on businesses and the Thai economy, particularly the troubled tourism sector, executives say.
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Canada ups advisory: From “travel with care” to “don’t travel at all,” Canada has upped its Thailand travel advisory to a travel warning.
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Brits defy warnings: Some Britons are pressing ahead with trips to Thailand despite Foreign Office advice to avoid all but essential travel to the country.
Analysts say violence could spread: Wednesday’s Bangkok showdown, the third time protests have turned deadly in the last three weeks, raises the specter that the violence could spread.
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Singaporeans unafraid: Like many Singaporeans working or living in Bangkok, one woman maintains that the capital feels safe despite Thailand's current political turmoil, and her own close shave with protesters.
Companies displaced: Temporary substitute offices outside the Ratchaprasong protest area are urgently needed to help companies continue their operation, says real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle.
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