Uh oh! Chiang Mai’s panda cub stirs up trouble

Uh oh! Chiang Mai’s panda cub stirs up trouble

Lin Ping’s face may hit the L.A Times regularly, but here in Thailand there’s just not enough of her cuteness to go around

Lin Ping playing with her mom at the Chiang Mai Zoo earlier this month, by Youtube user Chucklieboy001.

Finally, a bit of bad press for Chiang Mai’s global celebrity, Lin Ping the panda cub.

The Bangkok Post reports that the Chiang Mai Zoo has apologized to the public for letting a Thai actress and her daughter into a restricted area to see the panda. Some visitors complained that actress Siriam Pakdidamrongrit was in with the panda for 30 minutes -- though the Chiang Mai Zoo denies it was that long -- leaving other visitors having to wait in the heavy rain for their five minutes with the cute cub.

The cub is certainly stretching her 15 minutes of fame. Lin Ping made her fourth appearance on the L.A times website yesterday for “waving to her fans."

Here in Thailand, panda-monium (groan) shows no signs of abating, with Lin Ping set to become the star of a new 24-hour TrueVisions reality channel.

According to The Nation, Zoo Director Thanapat Pongamorn unveiled details of the deal with True to broadcast the life of Lin Ping and other animals at the zoo for two years at a press conference last week. Lin Ping has already raked in 10 million baht for the zoo, he said, with half of the zoo's daily income of 100,000 to 200,000 baht coming from tickets for the panda section.

The Nation has hopped aboard the panda money train too, and launched a one-off Thai-language magazine titled 'Lin Ping, Miracle Panda' to celebrate the first 100 days of her life.