Thai couple breaks record for longest kiss

Thai couple breaks record for longest kiss

Despite being from a nation of non-kissers, one Thai couple in Pattaya locked lips for 46 hours to take the Guinness World Record
Guinness Kiss
Fourteen Thai couples took part in the competition for "World's Longest Continuous Kiss" to mark Valentine’'s Day in Pattaya.

Thailand is making world headlines today for breaking the Guinness World Record for longest continuous kiss during a Valentine's Day competition that started in Pattaya on February 12.  

The winning couple, Akekachai Tiranarat, 42, and wife Raksana Taranarat, 31, locked lips for a mind-numbing 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds. That was enough to beat out 13 other couples for the title.

Impressive, yet kind of gross at the same time. 

Interestingly, Thailand isn’t even a nation of kissers. Rarely do you see smooching on Thai TV, kissing being deemed too risqué for the nation’s impressionable youngsters. Even at weddings, a kiss on the cheek evokes oohs and ahhs from delightfully shocked guests. 

In fact, many Thais would rather sniff faces than kiss them. “Hom gam” –- which basically means “sniff cheek” -- is considered the equivalent of the kiss, given by doting boyfriends to girlfriends, grandmothers to grandsons and so on.  

On the other hand, maybe it’s not so strange given the record did get broken in Pattaya, a place known worldwide for its amorous hook-ups.  To put it nicely. 

In any event, the happy kissers didn’t just do it for the title, which still needs to be verified by Guinness officials. They won 100,000 baht in cash and a diamond ring worth 50,000 baht from event organizers.