Thai floods: Local resources and where to help

Thai floods: Local resources and where to help

A round-up of news sites, blogs and government agencies posting timely information on Thailand's flood crisis
Thailand floods
A tourist rides through a flooded street near Bangkok's Chao Phraya River.

With Thailand's flood crisis continuing to affect Bangkok and beyond, tourists are advised to keep on top of the situation at all times.  

Here's a list of English-language news sites, blogs and organizations providing up-to-date, regular updates on the floods in Thailand, as well as information on how people can help with flood relief efforts.

  • English-language news websites the "Bangkok Post," "The Nation" and state-run "MCOT" all have in-depth coverage of the Thailand floods.
  • Thailand blogger Richard Barrow's offers continuous updates on the flood situation, including maps of affected areas. Click here to follow him on Twitter. 
  • The AustralianUnited Kingdom and United States embassies in Bangkok have all set up flood information pages offering updates and warnings for their citizens. 
  • Bangkok blogger and writer Newley Purnell posts a daily round-up of flood-related news, maps and information on his blog,
  • The TAT's news site offers semi-regular updates on the floods. Tourists can also call the TAT Information Line at 1672 to check local conditions, or visit the Thailand Meteorological Department website for updated weather forecasts.
  • For information on Thailand's train schedules and routes, some of which are affected by floods, call the State Railway of Thailand's call center at 1690. 
  • Long-distance bus services from Bangkok are still operating, though some are taking alternative routes to avoid flooded areas of Thailand, resulting in increased travel times. Call 1490 for the latest information. 
  • CNNGo has a Thai flood crisis page, updated daily, with the latest information and updates for tourists. 

Flood relief 

  • For visitors in Thailand looking to assist with the country's flood relief efforts, the Bangkok Post has compiled a list of organizations accepting money and/or supplies. 
  • Global child rights organization Plan has been assisting with the crisis by delivering supplies to flood-hit communities. For more on their work and other flood-related news, follow them on Twitter.  
  • CNN's Impact Your World page has links to international organizations assisting with Thailand's flood relief efforts.  
  • Facebook page and Twitter account called "Thai Flood" has been set up to offer English updates on where volunteers can help and what supplies are needed.