Wish you weren't here: Thailand's creepiest crawlers

Wish you weren't here: Thailand's creepiest crawlers

One snake-loving Youtube user devotes his uploads to Thailand’s wriggliest residents. And eats some of them too
King cobras, tarantulas and crazed scorpions are among the dozens of videos showcasing Thailand’s less-than-cuddly wildlife on blogger Thaipulsedotcom’s Youtube channel.

And he doesn’t just film them. Sometimes he eats them, too. We browsed through his collection of 189 videos and picked five of our favorites, embedded below.

It should be noted, Thaipulsedotcom’s vids aren’t all about snakes and spiders as he also loads up travel-related vids too. But given the creatures he seems to randomly come across, we’re not sure we want to be heading to the same places as him! 

1. Tarantula

“Vicious Thailand tarantula spider pretends he's sleeping then savagely bites my poking stick," says the happy cameraman of his discovery. "Very beautiful brown colored tarantula maybe three inches in radius. I'll keep it a couple days and see if I can video tape it eating something.”

To be honest, we didn't think Thailand had tarantulas but according to one pet care blog, the Thailand black tarantula is a "fast and very aggressive tarantula species." Wonderful. This is worth watching though, if just for the "Uh-oh, where'd it go" moment.  

2. King cobra eats red tailed racer

“I was less than one foot away from the king cobra here. When they're eating there isn't a lot that can bother them,” he says. Well they certainly bother us.

3. Frogs having sex

In the mood for a little animal porn? Who isn't. Warning: The level of excitement of both parties isn't exactly arousing. But if you've always wondered how frogs do it, mystery solved.

4. Poisonous centipede

These things are ugly and frightening. We admire his restraint as most people's first instinct is to crush these bugs and send them back to the hell they came from upon first sight. 

5. Cobras in a bottle

We like this one strictly for its comedic value. Fortunately, it appears the happy buyer was planning to set them free as wildlife trafficking is an issue Thailand is beginning to take very seriously. For more on Thailand's snakes check out Thaipulsedotcom's other website, Thailandsnakes.com, which is filled with information on the various species that can be found here.