iReport: Rescuing Bangkok's dogs from the floods

iReport: Rescuing Bangkok's dogs from the floods

What one animal welfare group is doing to assist abandoned pets and how you can help
Bangkok floods
An abandoned dog looks out of his home in a flood-hit area near Bangkok.

Thai floodsA brave dog caught up in the floods tries to carry its pup to safety. Thailand's Soi Dog Foundation has teamed up with other animal welfare groups to rescue Bangkok's stray and abandoned dogs from the ongoing floods. 

Soi Dog Bangkok floods"There were also dogs abandoned to die during flooding at a puppy mill in Bangkok," says Marcelo Cacciola of Thailand's Soi Dog Foundation. Established in Phuket in 2003, Soi Dog is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization in Thailand, the United States, Australia, France and Holland. It helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand.

Soi Dog Foundation floodsVolunteers travel through flood hit areas of Bangkok.Marcelo Cacciola, the United States director of the Soi Dog Foundation, says the ongoing operation to rescue Bangkok's abandoned animals is managed by several action teams.

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Based on the latest information, he says they've rescued hundreds of dogs since floods began to hit the outskirts of Bangkok in the last week to two weeks.

"Large scale evacuations of people are currently occurring in the worst affected areas of the Bangkok area," he says, adding that because they're typically not allowed to take their pets, these animals as well as thousands of strays left behind need help. 

"Soi Dog Foundation is working with groups in the Bangkok area to rescue these animals. These groups are not large animal welfare agencies but rather smaller groups working around the clock to save the dogs and cats before it is to late." 

To rescue the animals, Cacciola says teams of volunteers simply travel through the flood hit zones by boat and pick up any animals they find that have been abandoned. 

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"There were also dogs abandoned to die during flooding at a puppy mill in Bangkok," he says.

"Fortunately the rescue team was able to save them. The dogs are now safe but the number of dogs now being cared for is reaching crisis proportions." 
To assist these animals, Soi Dog Foundation is helping to raise funds for rescuers in Bangkok who need support. To help visit:  

Cacciola says all funds raised go directly in aid of the animal victims of the floods.

Besides donating money, both veterinarian and non-vet personnel can join the Bangkok animal relief efforts.

For volunteer inquiries contact: Margot Homburg of TREAT Bangkok at +66 (0)89 895 9965. 

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