'The Hangover 2': The year's most anticipated trailer

'The Hangover 2': The year's most anticipated trailer

Monkeys, monasteries and martial arts -- "The Hangover 2" trailer manages to squeeze most Thai clichés into 150 seconds, but it does look like a hilarious romp

The trailer to Todd Phillips' follow-up to the 2009 hit "The Hangover" has been released -- and it's hilarious. 

"The Hangover 2" will be released worldwide in May, but for all those who have been waiting for the sequel ever since the end credits rolled on the first (which became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time -- US$467.5 million) the latest escapades of "the wolf pack" can be glimpsed above. 

This time, the boys hit Bangkok for Stu's wedding. Needless to say the Thai and Bangkok references are pretty standard -- screeching monkeys, elephants and Buddhist monks all make appearances -- but that doesn't mean they're not funny. 


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