Fake sex-drug pushers arrested in Bangkok

Fake sex-drug pushers arrested in Bangkok

Imitation Viagra and the more curious ‘Night fire heartily burnable lady's intense emotion’ were among the confiscated pills
When it comes to erectile dysfunction medication, messing around with fakes sold in the streets of Bangkok isn't a great idea.

Apparently, there’s something called “Night fire heartily burnable lady's intense emotion" being sold by Thailand’s illegal sex-drug peddlers.

The painful-sounding sexual aid was among an estimated 500,000 baht in goods seized in a crackdown on sex-drugs sold illegally to tourists in streets around the city's red light districts.

According to media reports, Bangkok authorities arrested five men –- two Myanmar nationals and three Thais -- in raids staged over two days late last month for selling fake or unlicensed drugs.

In addition to the curious “Night fire,” other items reportedly seized include various types of Viagra, "Waman penis enlarging tablet" and Kamagra oral jelly -- in banana, apple and blackcurrant flavors.

“This has tarnished Thailand's tourism image," said an official from the Thai Food and Drug Administration, though reports failed to mention if he/she managed to make the ironic proclamation with a straight face. 

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