Crisis Chic: Bangkok blog takes a humorous look at the city's floods

Crisis Chic: Bangkok blog takes a humorous look at the city's floods

"Style shouldn't go out the window, just 'cause water's coming in," says this tongue-in-cheek site
Thailand floods
"If I’m going down, I’m going down wearing Celine," says Gaby Doman of this Crisis Chic photo.

A new blog is using a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor to lighten the heavy atmosphere hanging over Bangkok as the city continues to battle rising waters in some areas. 

Dubbed Crisis Chic, the Tumblr blog says "style shouldn't go out the window, just 'cause water's coming in." 

Started by two British (Gaby Doman, Becky Wicks) and two U.S. expatriates (Brock Kuhlman, Joshua Johnson), Crisis Chic features humorous photos and captions of them in stylish outfits hanging around flood-hit areas -- often wearing snorkel gear.

The captions offer readers some "valuable" fashion tips.  

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Crisis Chic"Three inches of flood versus six inch heels. #Winning," says Crisis Chic. But Doman is quick to point out that they certainly don't want to appear to be making light of what for many is a very serious predicament.

They wanted to do something that allows people a bit of relief. Like many, they too have been affected by the floods.  

"The night we thought of the idea, a group of us had arranged some 'let's not talk about the flood' drinks at Sky Train Jazz Bar," says Doman. 

"I put on my jeans and a delicate sequined top, then got caught in a horrendous storm at Victory Monument. The electricity went out for about three hours. I arrived soaking wet. My friends were laughing about how 'bold' my fashion choice was in a flood crisis and the idea stemmed from that."

Doman says so far the feedback has all been very positive, both in Bangkok and elsewhere.

"We've been putting it out on Twitter and getting a lot of retweets. I think everyone needs a bit of relief from the stress of the news and their twitter feeds," she says. 

"I live in a house near Samsen, so every day has been a little tense. My house hasn't flooded so far, but several of my friends have been forced to evacuate their homes and some have lost their jobs and had to leave Bangkok."