10 questions for Woody Milintachinda, the man who cancelled on Justin Bieber

10 questions for Woody Milintachinda, the man who cancelled on Justin Bieber

Strange tweets, a hug with Dakota Fanning and how he plans to die on TV; it's Thailand's most talked about talker, Woody Milintachinda
Woody Milintachinda at House
"I see myself dying on my own talk show," says Woody Milintachinda.

Talk show host Woody Milintachinda has more Twitter followers than any other person in Bangkok. He’s loud. He talks a lot. And he’s pretty damn charming.

Within 10 minutes of meeting the 33-year-old host of Sunday night’s TV chat show “Woody Kerd Ma Kui” -- Woody was born to talk -- I was willing to spill my most scandalous secrets to him, had he wanted me to.

Fortunately he didn't. But Woody did happily answer the 10 random questions I fired off to him, including whether he plans to stick it out as long as Larry King.

CNNGo:  What's the strangest tweet you've ever had?

Woody Milintachinda: "@woodytalk You suck butt. You will never be as respected as your guests. You are just dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. You go die now." I take that as a compliment.

CNNGo: Who's on your interview wish list now?

Woody: The person on the top of my list right now is Justin Bieber. Don't laugh. You don’t know how many tweets I get each day requesting me to hunt down Super Bieber.

Thais think that I'm the only person who can interview Bieber! Guess I can't let them down.

His label just green-lighted a session between him and I at the beginning of October. But, with my new live show coming up, I had to cancel on Bieber. Let me repeat. I had to cancel on Bieber!

Second on my list is Lady Gaga (for obvious reasons) followed by Khunying Pojamarn Na Pombetch, Thaksin Shinawatra's ex-wife.

CNNGo: What’s the deal with your new morning talk show? 

Woody: I am excited and quite a bit nervous at the same time. It's called “Live!,” on Mondays to Fridays at 8 a.m. on Modern9 Television. I've done a daily live show before on MTV but this time around the ballpark will be totally different. Our target is the entire nation. 

Do expect an entertaining variety/reality chat show! It wont be as "in your face" as the one on Sunday night. And no, I will not be analyzing the morning dailies but I’ll more or less talk about everything that is deemed the "talk of the town" topics for each day.

CNNGo: You're a busy man as it is. Why do another show?

Woody: That's exactly what I ask myself nightly before I go to bed! People have been asking me over the years, "When will you be launching a new show?" My reply to that would be, "Not in a million years! Just having one already takes up 24/7 of my time."

But one day the director of MCOT texted me this message: “Interested in doing a live morning show?” Within five minutes, I replied by text: “Let's start this September!”

Opportunity has never knocked on my door as far as I can recall. This was the first time. So I knew right then and there that it's now time to give birth to another baby.

CNNGo: Most awkward interview moment? 

Woody: I was interviewing Dakota Fanning a while back. I asked her if I can get a hug. She said, "Sure". I have to admit that it was one of those over the top hugs, meant for TV. One of her "people" pulled me out of the room a few seconds later and said, "How dare you hug a child actress? She's only 15! It's illegal to hug a minor in the US!" Whatever.

CNNGo: Favorite drink?

Woody: Redbull-Soda. Love caffeine.

CNNGo: Favorite Thai dish?

Woody: Basil beef-fried rice with crispy fried eggs. I can eat that all day!

CNNGo: Did you talk a lot as a kid?

Woody: Oh yes! I was known as that chinky kid with a hundred questions. I interrogated people about everything ever since I was in first grade. My fellow classmates were annoyed by my presence. I talked all day long. But now I get paid to talk. 

CNNGo: Your father is a diplomat. Would you consider a career as Woody the statesman?

Woody: My dad is an ambassador. My brother is a diplomat. I doubt that I could be doing anything else other than being a diplomat if I weren’t in showbiz. It's in the genes! Diplomats negotiate. That's what I do on my show. So I still consider myself a diplomat in showbiz.

CNNGo: Like Larry King, you’re known for your hardball questions. Will you still be doing what you do at the age of 76?

Woody: I see myself dying on my own talk show. Either on the morning program or the one on Sunday night. I will ask my last question, "Are you addicted to sex?" and I will gracefully lean back and die in my chair. Had to top you Larry! Sorry.

Woody's new show will be launching on September 13. On September 9, catch Woody on CNNGo TV as he takes us on a tour of his second home, RCA.

Karla is a digital producer with CNN Travel based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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