Bangkok's best dessert

Bangkok's best dessert

You'll bolt your main course in minutes just to get to these three top Bangkok palate sweeteners

Bangkok's best dessert -- Recommended: Cupcakes at Sparkles

SparklesSparkles -- one of the few places in Bangkok that gets cupcakes right.

The number of Bangkok dessert shops specializing in cupcakes has exploded in line with the global surge in demand for these little pieces of sugary bliss. And with usually disappointing results. 

Writer and food critic Tim Footman says there's really only one venue that offers the real deal -- Sparkles -- earning it a spot on our Best Dessert list.

“American-style cupcakes have erupted like a rash over Bangkok in the past few years, but Sparkles is one of the few places that gets them right, using the best ingredients and eschewing excessive sweetness," he says. 

"Lemon and vanilla are particularly good, but you’ll have to work your way through 40 plus varieties to find your favorite.” 

Sparkles is owned by Thai-U.S. Khun Sophie, who started out with just six varieties of cupcakes. Now she's even dappling with liver. Duck liver, that is.

One of her latest creations is the foie gras cupcake, which features a chocolate espresso genoise and a butter cream topping made of duck foie gras and pinches of black pepper, sea salt and chili. Sorry guys, this one is available by special order only. 

2/6 Sukhumvit 53, (Soi Paidee-Madee). Tel: +66 (0)81 136 3367. Open Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sunday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Bangkok's best dessert -- Recommended: Layered crepe cake at Secret Garden

Secret GardenHalf the fun of eating Secret Garden's crepe cake is knowing how time-consuming it is to make. Thin, delicious layers of perfectly cooked crepes, each topped with whipped cream and then coated with a fresh strawberry sauce. 

This is Secret Garden's famous crepe cake, so mind-blowingly satisfying it played a huge part in lifting the restaurant's cred among the city's dessert connoisseurs. 

When eating the crepe cake, take pleasure in the knowledge that this isn't a dessert you want to try to tackle at home. It takes a long time to brown those dozens of crepes to perfection and layer them with just the right amount of whipped cream. 

We actually tried to count how many layers there are in one cake but got too hungry and decided to just eat the thing intead.

As for the strawberry sauce, if you buy a whole cake to take away they'll give you an entire bottle of it, which allows you to account for different tastes. You might even be tempted to swig what's leftover straight from the bottle, it's just that good.

117/1 South Sathorn Road, Tel +66 (0)2 286 2464. Open daily, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Bangkok's best dessert -- Winner: Carrot cake at Coffee Beans by Dao

Carrot cake at Coffee Beans by DaoCoffee Beans by Dao has mastered the carrot cake, right down to the marzipan carrot on top.

"Coffee Beans by Dao does the perfect carrot cake …just like grandma used to make," says judge Mason Florence.

A suprising choice in a city full of sweet, rich treats made with the world's finest imported ingredients.

But the thing with carrot cake is that even though it's an incredibly simple and common dessert, it's easy to screw up. Coffee Beans has this classic mastered, right down to the marzipan carrot on top.

Using just the right balance of carrots, spices and cream cheese frosting, it might not be the most popular dish on Coffee Beans by Dao's menu, but it's certainly a fine indicator of the quality of desserts available there. 

In fact Best Eats judge Yuki Srikanchana also pegs Coffee Beans by Dao as her favorite place to get a sugar fix. She initially refused to pick just one, saying "they're all good," but when pushed admits her personal favorite is the coffee bean cake, followed by the baby bloom cake.

20/12-15 Ruamrudee Vilage. Soi Ruam Rudee. Tel: +66 (0)2 254 7780. Open daily, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

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