The best burgers in Bangkok (if not the world)

The best burgers in Bangkok (if not the world)

Crave no more -- the happy marriage of beef and bun is alive and well in Thailand
Bangkok burgers
There are some great Bangkok burgers out there, but Triple O's by Whitespot is our fave.

Bangkok’s traditional cuisine is vibrant, spicy, and complex. But sometimes a simple, juicy hamburger sloppy with cheese is the only way to quiet a growling stomach. Quick, tasty and satisfying, here’s where hungry carnivores can find the best of this Western classic.

Best: The Garage

It’s always wise to follow local word of mouth. Heed the buzz from Bangkok’s burger enthusiasts and bring an appetite to The Garage Burger and Grill. This is the place if you're looking for a basic, drool-worthy Bangkok burger. The patties are eight ounces and served with generous slices of onion, tomatoes and crisp iceberg lettuce.
Head for the 2nd floor of All Season's Place, on Wireless Road. (BTS: Chidlom, tel +66 (0)2 685 3626).

Better: Bully's

Bully's Pub and Restaurant is the best beer and Bangkok burger joint on Sukhumvit Road, between soi 2 and 4 near the JW Marriott. Bully's six-ounce burgers come with standard fixings, including the optional bacon and/or fried egg. This place gets high marks for variety, as it also offers chili-burgers and cowboy burgers, which come with BBQ sauce and onion rings. We’re pretty sure no cowboys were harmed. (BTS: Nana, tel +66 (0)2 656 4609)

Bestest: Triple O’s

The award for best Bangkok burger goes to Triple O's by White Spot, an understated joint hidden away on the 7th floor of the Central World Plaza shopping complex. Triple O’s serves burgers with a classic, minimalist approach. The four-ounce patties are sufficiently substantial without being needlessly gargantuan, the thick buns are toasted and the toppings always fresh. (BTS: Chidlom, tel +66 (0)2 613 1640).

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