Bad news, folks. Not all Thai food is good for you

Bad news, folks. Not all Thai food is good for you

Turns out some of the country’s tastiest dishes, like laarb and green curry, aren’t doing our health any favors
Green curry
Green curry might be full of healthy vegatables, but all that coconut milk will go straight to the hips.

One of the best things about Thai food is that not only is it tasty, but it's good for you too. Well, some of it anyways.

A report in today’s Bangkok Post "My Life" section debunks the myth that all Thai food is healthy, running down the 10 popular dishes that will pack on the pounds or even harm your body.

Most of the dishes on the list should come as no big shocker (sorry kids, that fried chicken isn't really good for you) but the inclusion of favorites like laarb (Thai ground meat salad), pad see ew (stir-fried wide noodles), khanom pak kad (raddish cake) and jok (congee) were a bit of a let down. And, unfortunately, anything with coconut milk -- that includes green curry -- will indeed pack on the pounds if not eaten in moderation.

Click here to read the full list, which includes tips on how to make these dishes healthier and improve your overall eating habits.