Tapas Room: Leading bar, misleading name

Tapas Room: Leading bar, misleading name

Lush, loud and open late. Three floors with three beats
114/17-18 Silom Road, Soi 4 +66 (0)2 234 4737
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Tapas Room
Tapas Room is a Silom staple that's more "room" than "tapas."

The word "tapas" suggests an early course of action, but there's no telling what time of night you'll end up at Tapas Room -- just know that at some point, everybody does. That's due in no small part to the doors at this legendary Bangkok mainstay, which linger ajar later than most area dance clubs in a space that spans three floors (including a rooftop) boasting as many different beats.

"Tapas" also suggests food, something curiously absent here. But a Spanish/Moorish vibe still pervades, particularly from Thursday to Saturday, when live percussion tests the limits of the club's sound system.

Tapas Room's identity crisis doesn't stop with its crowd, which comprises a Thai/foreign/gay/straight mix that often pushes all three of its ample floors to capacity. At least now you'll know exactly what you're getting into, even if the Tapas Room doesn't.

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