Bangkok’s latest drink craze: The Hangovertini

Bangkok’s latest drink craze: The Hangovertini

Given a nod of approval from "The Hangover Part II" director Todd Phillips, will this feisty little drink be Thailand’s answer to the Singapore Sling?
How many martinis does it take to create a full "Hangover" experience?

Maybe you didn’t enjoy “The Hangover Part II.” The critics certainly didn’t. And more than a few locals have voiced their irritation at the way the film portrayed Bangkok

But that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the smooth yet powerful Hangovertini, made with green tea liquor, Martini Rosso, green apple juice and rosemary-infused honey.

This odd-but-awesome cocktail costs 490 baht and was created by Lebua mixologist Alex Holzer to commemorate "The Hangover Part II," which features a few key scenes shot at the luxury hotel. 

“We served it for the first time to director Todd Phillips and the cast, not knowing what their reaction would be," says Holzer. "To our relief and extreme excitement, they really loved the drink. Hence, the name.” 

So will global tourists flock to Lebua’s Sky Bar to sip Hangovertinis as they enjoy some of Bangkok’s best views, just as they head to the Raffles Hotel Long Bar to knock back overpriced Singapore Slings? 

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Who cares, really. Unlike the sickly sweet Singapore Sling, Holzer's Hangovertini is a damn good drink even the locals will appreciate.

To whip up your own, check out this "How to make a Hangovertini" youtube vid.  

The Hangovertini

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